Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Its simple:
800 meter run; 50 situps
for 30 min-record how many rounds you can go!

Anyways, I have a question for you.........Why is it more intense, enjoyable, satisfying to cheer, watch, and follow your respected professional sports teams on the East Coast??? I have great experience in this matter since I grew up and lived on the West Coast, went to college in the Mid West, and have lived a combined 5 years on the East Cost. Without a doubt when it comes to "Professional Teams" the East Coast just gets it.

I truly believe that weather plays a vital role in HOW we follow our respected teams.
For example:
Its the 2nd week of December in Philadelphia and its 20 degrees outside and your glued to the TV watching Michael Vick fight the elements of snow to lead his team to victory. Your nestled up on the coach, fire going, bourbon in hand, cheering your ass off.
Same date and time in Los Angles but it's 75 degrees and sunny......what are you going to do with your day????? Hike, Surf, Run, BBQ, Tan, Swim, anyting outside!

Surfing in Australia

In Philadelphia if Ryan Howard goes 1-29 in the NLDS you're sick to your stomach and want to vomit literally.

In New York you'll be up all night for 6 months thinking about whether or not Derek Jeter should move to the outfield

In Boston you could drink a whole bottle of Jameson pondering why Carl Crawford swung at so many pitches in the dirt this year

In Washington, you'll arrive 5 hours early before a skins game to cook, eat, and drink

I'm sure there are many reasons why as a whole professional sports are King on the East Coast, I'm just glad I get to experience how crazy these fans really are.


Care said...

because west coasters are awful at tailgating. Its an art.

Anonymous said...

The southern chicks know how to tailgate I will say that!!!

Anonymous said...

We invented cool on the East Coast and only exported it once we were done with it.

In all honesty, you make a really good point. I'd watch less football if I could go to the beach instead.

Also, Avoid The Noid.