Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Where did I go? No where. Still here in my southern country town.

As you know, I moved from NYC to a really, tiny, small town and there isn't much of anything to do. Please forgive my absence in fun and exciting things to post and write about. I'm trying to figure out this new life of mine. I worked one avenue from 5th Ave. The nearest mall (that actually has stores Id want to visit) is an hour and 20 minutes away. I lived in a hot bed of amazing restaurants on EVERY corner to maybe a total of 5 and they all taste the same. Live new music was truly an every night sort of deal in Brooklyn and NYC... I think Cowboy Mouth is playing here. They were popular in 1996.

So, as i transition to this new life bare with my little break from social media. I'm trying to not be a totally sarcastic, bad attitude person, but its tough, so hence the silence. :) I know myself. I'm trying to figure out hobbies and such.  Jobs here are few and far between and do not exist in the field I love. I should write my autobiography titled, From Fortune 5 to Grocery Bagger; By No Fault of my Own. 

HA! Ok, I'll stop.  

I really should get my license too. I really hate driving though. Dear NYC, I miss you.

Things I'm thankful for while living here:
My loving husband.
Awesome Dog.
Real farmers markets.

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Charlie's Mommy said...

sorry carrie - i knew you were thriving in brooklyn. i'm sure you'll find something amazing and unique to do there. it's just who you are.