Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A Bridal Shower

This past weekend I headed home to Virginia to celebrate my sisters bridal shower, for her upcoming wedding in May. I think the afternoon turned out beautiful, here are a few pictures.

Every set had a box of flowers as a "take home gift" and a coaster to write "advice" for the bride and groom. We also did a wine tasting from places Jill has spent time in, Northern VA (born and raised), Southern VA (where her wedding location is) and then NY (where she lives now). Nothing better then getting a little tipsy while someone opens presents, huh? :)

These cupcakes were DEEEEELISH!! and oh so pretty.

When you came into the room, we had people fill out notecards and then the bride had to guess the memory. This was my favorite game.

The pretty bride enjoying some tea.

Me, my mother and sister (bride)

Friends celebrating

While all the ladies were out showering our bride, the men went out and drank beers and did man stuff. That looks fun too!!

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