Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My Morning.

I was walking to the subway this morning and a man sitting on his stoop in Brooklyn says, "hello! I hope you have a great day!". Now, this doesn't happen much (to me at least) in the North, so I was really grateful for the greeting and well wishes. Today is going to be a great day, I thought!  I wished him a happy day too and as I was going down the stairs to the station I saw a massive human turd in the corner of the stairs. Quickly brought back the reality of living in NYC.

As I was waiting for the train to come and trying to erase the nastiness in the stair corner, a horn started playing "Sweet Caroline". Not well, but, it was the cheerful song and people were smiling and enjoying the melody.  I honest to God thought, only in New York can you experience so much in seconds.

I got on the train, it was packed, but not too packed. The AC was on and it was a quiet peaceful ride into Manhattan. Then... the train suddenly stopped and had a quick jolt. We were near the station but not completely in so the doors couldn't open. We were stuck for quite a bit of time. The AC went out and the lights turned off and a voice came on the loud speaker with directions to walk through the trains to the open door on the 5th car. Everyone followed directions calmly. We exit and there are men with flashlights looking under the train and another saying, "do not say anything, do not say anything".

It was a jumper. So sad. So gross and I was so late for work.

A man yells, "jump off a bridge, don't ruin my day, jerk". As if the guy smashed under the train could hear him. 

Only. In. New York.

Besides that, I love it.

How was your morning?

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