Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Yeah Yeah Yeahs, YAY!

Kirbo and I went to the record release party for the Yeah Yeah Yeah's new album on Sunday night.

Karen O is every bit as magnificent as ever. Her vocals are on point, the new songs are energizing to say the least and her outfit... Bad ass. She is probably my favorite female front woman of all time.

This is the third time I have seen the lovely YYY's. The first time was a Pimlico in Baltiless for the 1st year of Virgin Fest. My jaw dropped because I was immediately in love with her. Her stage presence was out of control debauchee. I so wish I was her jumping around on stage, laughing, singing my heart out and having a blast. (I do that most Saturday nights with alcohol, but, people aren't paying to see more or wanting to witness it. Dammit). Second time was at the Greek theater in LA... wasn't their best show. And, now... Webster Hall in NYC in a small place packed to the walls, jumping, dancing and loving every second. Thank you, Karen O for reminding me why I love music so much.

she wore a yellow suit with a sequins cape and a head wrap. At one point she sang with a miners light on her head.

us waiting for the subway to take us home.

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