Monday, December 2, 2013

San Frannnnnnncisco


I was in San Francisco for the last week or so and every time I am there, I fall in love with it a little more. Scottie and I were there visiting family for the Thanksgiving holiday and the weather was in the mid 60's the entire time and SUNNY! We seem to always hit foggy and rainy SF when the weather is perfect. I have probably now jinxed the rest of our visits for the rest of time now.

We did some sight-seeing even though I feel like we've done most everything. The best of the best was the FOOD we ate -- I MISS GOOD FOOD! NC has great BBQ, but, I miss some of the ethnic food we used to have at our finger tips.

Here are some pics that we took -- hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. I was thankful to be amongst family and plenty of smiles and laughs.

Checking to see if DJ, Stephani, Michelle and maybe Kimmy Gibler were around to hang.

The hills in SF are amazing. I walked down this one. I complain the whole way up the next one.

Annual family hike down to Stinson Beach on Thanksgiving morning. One of my favorite things to do there with my favorite people.

Us being us.

Scottie feeling the ice cold water. I prefer to take his word for it. (I do not like cold water)

We won 1st place for the Kirby Karaoke Jam. No contest. Nailed it with some AC/DC. oh yeah.

Two of my favorite houses in SF. Aren't they incredible?

Oh San Francisco, while it would take a LOT to move me away from my beloved east coast -- you do pull my heart strings as a place I would like. You never disappoint me with your beauty.

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Mamma said...

It was a great Thanksgiving Carrie. Glad you guys were able to spend time in SF.