Monday, December 16, 2013

Weekend WrapUp

Our weekend was full of freezing rain and sleet, so getting outside wasn't the grandest of ideas. So, with all our time indoors, we made my grandmothers Moravian Sugar Cookies Recipe. YUM! Its basically the typical from scratch sugar cookie with a bit of a twist. They are SOOOO yummy and even though we only know ourselves in this little town -- we have about 200 sugar cookies to eat on our own. Luckily I'll hand out some in little holiday boxes to the cleaning women in our building and doormen. I'll also hand some out to the homeless I see on Mack and I's daily walks. Say "hi" -- get some cookies! Pretty good deal.

Aside from being buried in cookies we started the series Downton Abbey. I LOVE it and can't stop talking in an English accent and wanting to wear beautiful long dresses. I've also asked Scott to address me as "his ladyship". I'm not sure if that will stick. I know I'm late to this party, but, that series gets addicting quickly!

What did you do? Anything fun? Bake anything yummy? If you want Granny's recipe, let me know.


Yummy sugar cookies cooling

my kitchen is covered in flour

im not the greatest of decorators, but, I try.

Scott reluctantly helping sift dry ingredients

I posted this on Instagram the other night because it made me laugh so hard. We always give our pooch WAY too much attention and I guess he was getting tired of all the attention (poor Mack!) that he put his paw up to Scott as if, "No More Kisses". What a little brat! 

Just look at that sweet face down there -- so, adorable!! Oh and Mack, he's cute too. ;)

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Mamma said...

This is hysterical Carrie!