Tuesday, April 29, 2014


We have gone and done the inevitable with adjusting to suburbia... we invested in an outdoor grill. But, not just ANY outdoor grill. The Big Green Egg. I was not aware of The Big Green Egg but, Scott had been talking about it like it was the MVP of the grill world. I'm not easily swayed by marketing and TV commercials so I went to my own sources and called my brother who is, at least to me, the GRILL MASTER. He assured me it was a great grill and worth the absurd amount of cash.

Now, you can fight these man purchases or you can let them win here and there. I let him win and get his "dream grill". Now I can just give him meat and he can be in charge of dinner. (really, a score for me).

And, just to say, The Big Green Egg is incredible and makes meat and veggies taste amazing! Its a smokey taste and its truly awesome! I highly suggest one!


Scott and Meat.

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Mamma said...

Yeah..you got it. Hope Dad applied bday money to that. He is so lucky to see you next week. Do some grillin for him:)