Monday, April 28, 2014

Weekend WrapUp

Oh heyyyyyyyyyyyy, it's Monday again. Boo.

This weekend, The Kirby's did a lot of outdoors sorts of things and suburbanites sorts of things and things we are figuring out how to do. With that... we did farmer's markets and some serious planting. The planting will have to be in a separate post, but, it was fun for us and after all was said and done, Scott cracked his 22 and said, "I deserved this". He did.


Beautiful Farmer's Market Flowers

I wanted to take home every single bunch of tulips but Scott said we had to eat. Men and their appetites

I am so looking forward to planting my herb garden in a few weeks!

Loved these lights and tin ceiling at The Porch Cantina

These aren't hipsters, they are really just people playing folk music under a tent. I have a hard time realizing that people do this for fun and they're not being ironic or Brooklyn cool. They just ARE. :) That beard though, awesome.

Doesn't this just ooze "love"? We have a lot of time together down here in the country.

I think I need this for our backyard.

Dinner at the house on a Saturday night. It was yummmmmmmmmmmmmmy!

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