Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Who doesn't love a great photograph in their homes? I don't know ANYONE who doesn't!

Soooo, that is why I am shamelessly putting my Etsy Shop up here. Are you interested? YES!? Awesome!

See shop HERE  

Pretty isn't it?

For a BIG DISCOUNT, please post my shop on your FB page, let me know, and I will give you a massive discount or possibly send you one for free. Its that EASY! (Post the link to my shop in your status and encourage your friends to check it out. They don't have to buy for you to get the discount. When done, comment and I will let you know the code.)

But, just becuase I love yall... here is a 15% off discount for Marvin's Way. Enter coupon code, WEEKENDLOVE and it will show up.

Rad to the Rad.
Happy Holiday!

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