Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Open Letter: Melting Pot Restaurants

Dear Melting Pot, 

Look, we all like to dip things in melted things, but we don’t like smelling weird when we leave and we don’t want dinner to take 3 hours. Also, the décor is a bit dated. Let’s turn this thing around! Unless you’re happy being the go to for junior prom and Valentine’s day dates  for 19 year olds.

Very well said, Tom. 
We were discussing how we needed to have a fondue party because dipping cheeses, meats and chocolates in melted yumminess is just awesome. However, the restaurants are really outdated with their interior design AND they need to market to older clientele, not teenagers. It really is an amateur date night, when it could be really cool and fun again! 


Tom and Carrie

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