Monday, November 21, 2011

I have a lot of blogging to catch up on!

We have been busy bee's these last few weeks but we had a very special guest come into town so we HAD to do the PHILLY CHEESE STEAK CHALLENGE! That's right, we took a drive to south Philly and did (well, they. I can't eat that stuff) the Geno's vs. Pat's cheese steaks. The two restaurants are located across the street from each other.

So, first up was Pat's.
Mind you that this was 11am in the morning. We had a busy day so getting to the bottom of this cheese steak challenge was FIRST on my mind. I had good sports to document, Scottie, his Pops and his cousin Andrew. They all liked Pat's a lot. The meat was chunked thicker and the bread was more of a roll consistency with flaky crust.

Next up, Geno's.

Thinner cut beef and the roll was a hard roll with seseme seeds. Big Kev and Andrew liked Geno's. Scott went with Pat's. I had a blast watching!
Come visit and you too can take the challenge!

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