Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Weekend of the 4th!

Sorry its been a bit since my last post but we've been on a little vacation to Florida for a week of sun and fun. It was so nice to leave NYC and breathe some fresh air and see the stars and feel the blue/green warm water. I literally have been trying to make my mind return there while bumping into people on the subway the last three mornings. :) We had a great visiting family, having a little birthday party for my pops and eating lots of great seafood and BBQ. Perfect summer get a way with my love and great quality time with my family. Now... on to PICS! 
Kirbo soaking up some sun and fun.
Kirbo in jail
sissy love
i love this.
Kirbo shaved his head. what a wierdo. Then, we bought matching shades because we are mega nerds.
i love love love Anna Maria and its natural beaches. The sand is soft and the water is warm. heaven.
here's a preggo pic for ya. The belly is growinggggggggggggg.
so this is a cute story. this pier is where Scott and I got engaged in Dec. of 2009. My parents surprised us with a plank on the pier with our names and engagement date that will be there FOREVER! How amazingly sweet is that? I truly get choked up when I see this and think its the most amazing present ever. I can't wait to show our little girl our plank next summer. :)     

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