Monday, July 16, 2012

Quick Rant

Good Morning!
Happy Monday!

now that all my cheerful salutations are done and over with I'd like to do a quick rant for just a moment.

What is my rant about? Manners.

What about manners? People should have them.

I have been doing a little study about my subway rides since I was 21 weeks pregnant. I started at 21 weeks because I was fully showing and I didn't look like I just ate a massive burrito anymore. I am and look unmistakably pregnant.

I ride the subway for approximately 1 hour a day commuting to work. I switch trains a total of 4 times which means I get on a new train with new people 4 times a day. Do you want to know how many times I've had someone get up and offer their seat to me in the last 100 weekdays of riding the subway??? 8 times total. 

Now, not only is that sad... that's just terribly rude. Especially when I know you see my stomach almost hitting you in the face as you sit there trying to ignore me.

Now, I don't EXPECT people to get up for me, but, people should offer just to be kind. Carrying a big stomach around in general is tough in this city, put a pregnant woman on a jolting subway while standing and in severe heat is borderline torture.

there are some lovely people out there that do get up though and to them, I THANK YOU!

Out of the 8 times I have been offered a seat its been from a male age 25-35 minority. They get up within moments of seeing me, or another pregnant woman and insist on having their seat. Thank YOU!!!! Your mothers have taught you well, or you have a heart and notice.

I have only once been given my seat from a white male and have never been given a seat from a young white female. To the young white females out there that are ignoring the pregnant women out there, you'll learn sometime what its like and perhaps karma will punish you. But, I hope not because being jostled on a subway while pregnant shouldn't be wished on anyone... when there is a seat to be had.

Rant done.

Love, C

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Missy said...

I totally feel your pain. People in Chicago were unfailingly rude when it came to offering a door or seat. We were waiting for a table at a restaurant and an entire family of people (kids & adults) sat there and stared at me while & never once offered. Ryan had to ask one of them to get up. People suck.