Wednesday, July 18, 2012

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A public pool opened up in our neighborhood in June and its free for all that want to come to swim. HOWEVER, you have to wait in massive lines, can't have your cell phone, have to deal with an absurd amount of teens and fear for your life or safety.

OK, I am exaggerating about the life part, but the safety is definitely an on going issue over there. There have been countless fights, police are called in daily and yesterday pepper spray was used to calm crowds that were trying to break in.  I don't really care about the pool at all, to be honest with you. Scott and I do not go and it doesn't affect us in the least bit. BUT, it makes me think about our unborn daughter. I grew up in a quiet suburban area outside of DC. I did go to public school and deal with the normal'ness of burb high school so I wasn't completely sheltered, but, Fairfax county is a far cry from Brooklyn. My husband grew up in a very nice suburb out side of San Francisco and went to private Catholic School. Point is, neither one of us has had an urban childhood. Our little bundle of pink joy absolutely will and there are times where I am jealous of all that she will have at her finger tips, taste buds and eardrums but there are also times when I worry about how she will turn out. Will she be cynical like most New Yorkers? Will she have a slight Northern accent because her school friends do? Will she join a gang? What do elementary school gang members like to eat after school? I'll check Amazon to see if they have any recipe books for after school snacks for our little gangsta baby. Truth is, we live in a hipster-ville, not at all a gang infested neighborhood, but, I do worry about her since I truly cannot relate to the upbringing she will have. How old does she need to be before its OK to let her ride the subway alone? How old does she need to be before I feel comfortable with her walking home from a friends house or sending her to get something from the market down the block? I know these seem like silly questions, but, they are very real too. Its just something funny to think about, I guess. I'll tell you one thing, this little girl will be very exposed to many amazing things living in this crazy city. Born in Manhattan, raised in Brooklyn ... (conceived in Philly). HOLLA!

But, back to the pool. If she wants to go to the public pool with all the other crazies in Brooklyn, I'll make her Dad take her.

Here's a pic of the pool:
likes nice, huh? It's the hunger games!

Here's a pic of me and my sister on my rooftop.

next summer I'll be up there with a cold beer. :)

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