Tuesday, March 19, 2013

My Thoughts on Girls

yes, I watch the show. I have a love/hate relationship with it. I find it unbelievably annoying one second, covering my eyes the next and then feeling like, "ok, this is why I watch it", moments the next.

The season finale show though... all I could think about was the following:

1. Why the hell did Charlie take Marni back? She's clearly paying attention to you because you have money.
2. Why do people love Adam? So what, he has a sweet side. That doesn't make it OK for all his other crazy sides.
3. How on EARTH is Hannah paying for a two bedroom in Greenpoint when she's jobless? I live right near her "TV" house and could never afford it.
4. I am over her OCD. Maybe its her acting of it that makes me roll my eyes.
5. I miss Jessa.

and finally, I literally said out loud as the episode was coming to and end... "did she finish her book?"

Maybe I'm officially too removed from the girl in her 20's... but, they all seem (besides Jessa) like whiney spoiled brats to me.

yes, that was a post on a fictional show that got me worked up.



Natalie said...

First of all, I had no idea that was the finale!

I just started watching the show a few weeks ago (started w season one) and immediately had a love hate feeling towards it. loved marni and shosh, wanted to scratch out my eyes when I saw hannah. like you said, I'd question why I was watching and then a scene would happen where I'd love it and realize that's why I watch.

Hate Adam though something is making me warm up to him by .05%. CAN NOT STAND THE HANNAH OCD. it came out of nowhere and makes no sense.maybe that's the point??

I'm rooting for shosh and ray and hope she gets her ahit together and doesn't cheat on him anymore. I miss jessa and I have no idea why charlie took marni back, other than he must just love her.

all things considered, I still can't stand Lena Dunham.

Alexa said...

Carrie - I tried to watch the show b/c a friend recommended it. I found Hannah to be INCREDIBLY annoying and whiny and just couldn't get in to the show. Then again, a 41 year old mother of a 2 1/2 year old probably isn't their demographic. :-)

Care said...

I think we all agree that hannah is nothing but annoying, there is something, just a little something about Adam and that Charlie can do WAY better than stuck up, Marni.

Alexa, you're not too old. You're too smart. :)

wordsfromhenry said...

Carrie, seriously you left out Shoshanna!! It's fun to pretend talk like her :)Kristen

Care said...

OMG! You're totes right. She has like, fo real... the best lines in the show! Supe in love with her and wish her and Ray the best, but, Ray is a dork.