Monday, March 4, 2013

No wonder why I'm tired!

Pics from the weekend...

our late night graffiti photo shoot on our way back from a little dinner date at 1or 8

I love the show GIRLS! Because I love the show, I mapped out where cafe Grumpy was on our Saturday walk for Mack. The coffee was... ehhhhhhh.

We had dinner plans at The Hoffman's place in Ft. Greene. They made Mediterranean awesomeness and I made apple pies baked in apples. We then finished 5 bottles of wine and laughed til we almost peed our pants playing "Cards Against Humanity".
My husband plays baseball on the asphalt in Brooklyn for fun. He's bad ass.

We finished out the weekend at Radaghast German Beer haus with pints (mine was water, I needed a break) of beer, salted pretzels and sausages. I'm now on a no food diet.


Natalie said...

This looks like the most fun!

cards against humanity rules said...

Oh wow I didn't realize this came from a Kickstarter campaign! Very nice. Thank you for your contribution :)