Monday, May 13, 2013

Shippin Off To Boston!

We decided to celebrate Mother's Day -- or totally avoid it completely -- by heading up North up i95 to Boston, MA for a little dinner and baseball. Boston is such a charming city. Its architecture, gold plated Irish bar signs, flower boxes, Italian restaurants and incredible seafood make it one of my favorite cities to visit. Its also home to the greatest baseball stadium in the country, Fenway. And, on Sunday, we got to see Fenway in the most amazing way. 1st row and a behind the scenes tour. We are the LUCKIEST and extremely grateful!

relaxation on the highway

AWESOME restaurant we ate at on Saturday night. I would have taken pics of the food and jazz singers but we were too busy having a great time! Go see for yourself, The Beehive.

Early morning selfies in the rain.

On the field! Yep, I took some pretend batting practice while Scott stood horrified. :)

Even though the team lost, we had an amazing time. These seats were AMAZING

Oh, that's just Kirbo swaping stories with the Blue Jays coach, Gibbons. (seriously)
Did you know that the blue seats are original seats from the early 1900's? Yeah, learned that on the tour. They get refurbished every few years. Love the history here!

Cheesin'. Thank you, LL! You made a day that could have been crappy, so So SO HAPPY!


The Sohm's said...

So glad you got away!! You deserve it! Miss you!

Natalie said...

This looks like it was a great time! I've been to Fenway twice and I swear there's something magical about it (and I've been to a lot of ballparks). So glad you guys had funnnnn!!!

Care said...

Thanks Girls!!!!!! xoxo!

Kerri Stephenson said...

Wow!! That's amazing. So freaking amazing. Glad you had a good day!