Friday, August 23, 2013

Freedom Tower and TriBeCa and little bit of me

Ive had a bit of a stay-cation, if you will this week, so I've been taking to the city to meander and explore. Below is a few of my captures of my day. 

The Freedom Tower is impressive

This little guy was back again... i swear, he should just move in. :)

When I saw the court house I heard the "ding ding" of Law and Order and then wanted to charge up the stairs.

we may have done a little bit of this kinda shopping for my sister. So fun!

I looooove TriBeCa. In my next life, when I win the lottery, I'll live there and be neighbors with the Carter's. (Beyonce and JayZ)

View of the city from the pier in TriBeCa. Amazing!

Me being Me. I believe this was leaving Harlem for an appt.

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