Friday, August 2, 2013

Friday Tunes

Currently loving "The Wire" by Haim. They are three sisters from Los Angeles who's debut album is due out in September. According to The Guardian, "As with most Haim songs, The Wire starts small - a scratchy guitar riff augmented by a simple drum beat and Danielle's precise vocals. As it slowly unfurls, however, the melodies start to tumble, the chorus of "it felt right, but I fumbled it when it came down the wire" seductively burrowing its way into your brain, before Rechtshaid's subtle production touches – the synth strings, the layered harmonies, the almost glam stop-start beat that emerges towards the end – make it one of their strongest songs to date."

 To listen to The Wire - Click Here.

**Thank you, Zeller!

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