Monday, February 17, 2014

Weekend WrapUp

Happy Monday!

This weekend we were pummeled with snow... really. I think in total we got close to 15 inches. In a town 1. it NEVER snows and 2. they maybe own two snow plows, this was a massive story. I loved every second of it though! Just look at that pretty snow!

Scott shoveling off our back deck.

 I wish we had sleds for our backyard.

Mack is NOT a fan of cold weather or snow. He stayed covered under blankets most of the weekend.

Not US! we built a huge snowman (or creepy snow creature) to make all our neighbors think that those new people sure are odd.

Me and a snow angel making Scott.

So, with all the snow almost melted, we are looking to have it be 70 here by the end of the week. Sweet Carolina, your weather sure has been interesting.

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