Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I'm five days behind on my THANKFULS! Here's my catch up:

Day Three: I'm thankful that I'm capable of throwing trash in a trashcan because Philadelphians really need to learn that skill.

Day Four: I'm thankful that my parents live close enough to drive up to take Scottie and I out to dinner and enjoy conversation and share hugs.

Day Five: I'm thankful that I own hats, gloves and a heavy jacket because its fricken freezing outside.

Day Six: I'm thankful that my brother enjoys teaching so much. I love hearing his stories about how he connects with his students and it makes me fondly remember the teachers that touched me. (ok, no teachers actually touched me... you get what I mean. I am laughing so hard right now).

Day Seven: I'm thankful for my cell phone because the dude next to me on the train wants to talk but I'm pretending im very, very busy on my iphone.

YEY! Caught up.

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