Tuesday, February 8, 2011

New Views

So, we have finally moved into our new place. Its rather large and we are trying hard to make it ours. Isn't it weird that you can move somewhere completely new but still have some of your old (couch, chair, etc) that make you comfortable? I appreciate those things the most. Our floors are polished concrete so it's coooooooooold, we need to buy rugs. Our bathroom is open, meaning there is no door to the master toilet. We need to buy a spring rod and shower curtain. Our closet is HUGE. We need to buy more clothes. That one I like. :) 
We do love our new place and our new neighborhood. We went bar hopping on Saturday with my sister and her boyfriend (they came down from NYC to help us move in) and Philly people aren't so bad! haha! Sounds so funny, but, when you grow up hating Eagles fans you have no choice but to blast this northern city. 

I promise to put up more pictures as the place gets more and more settled. But for now, here is a photo of our view. We absolutely LOVE it. 


pev said...

love it, rad view!!!!!

Mamma said...

so cool! We can't wait to see it!