Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Was listening to the radio this morning and heard the following topic from a morning DJ, 

"does taste in music affect your relationship?" 
Seems completely silly to say that it would or does. But then... I started thinking... and I totally agree! 
When Scott starts playing his dance/electro/pokeyoureyesout music I literally leave the apartment and continue to work in the office lobby. Now, to dig deeper into this, 
"does taste in music affect your relationship to where its a deal breaker?" 
No. Thankfully.

However, some of those "songs" sound like video games I watched my brothers play in the 80's. I sound like an old fart... but, I did the whole electro/danceyerfaceoff genre in the 90's in London. Just can't be matched. BAM!

You can yell at me later, Scott. I love you. :)

Anyone else have an ear challenge from their bf/gf/roommate/sibling/PARENT?!

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