Friday, May 6, 2011

It's Friiiiiiiiiiiiiiday! 

It's Friiiiiiiiiiiiiiiday! 


I have a dress fitting today AND I get to see my sister tonight. Today is going to be a great day! 

what plans do yall have?
oh who am I kidding, no one responds to me. 

I'm at my parents house in Virginia admiring their backyard.
Living in the city makes you miss the trees, colors, birds and all around beauty of the burbs and a backyard!
and that's little Penny on the bottom right. Rescue dog that might rip your face off, but, she's sweet. (sometimes)


DJRybone said...

I want to jump in your pool. It's 100 degrees in Arizona right now. I'm sweating like Shaq at the foul line.

Care said...

i want in that pool right now with some cucumber water!

Mamma said...

I would respond to every comment Carrie but then I would be a kids wouldn't allow that!

Care said...

I LOVE your comments, Linda! Don't listen to them. :)