Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Scottie's pops is in town for a conference so I've had him all to myself for the last two days exploring the neighborhood and making him drink good local beer. :) 

Here's us at Full Plate. Our favorite. They shared a broccoli salad, Scott got the meat loaf and Big Kev got the shrimp Po'Boy. I enjoyed my water. Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. 

 HAHA! I love the expressions. Pennsylvania law does not let you buy a simple 6 or 12 pack of beer at the distributor (and that's the only place close around the corner) so Scott had Kev haul a bottled 24 half way around the neighborhood so they could enjoy some refreshing White Ale. I wanted one so badly! 
Few more weeks.
 now, this place. Paesano's. Big Kev and I checked it out. We have heard from many a local that it is THE place for sandwiches. No lie... its amazing. He got a goat burger that I literally wanted to scarf down in 1 second flat. When my stomach is back to being nails I will go here and order one of everything. It looked, smelled and presented that great. Mmmmmmmmmmmm, already dreaming about it.
We love having visitors and trying new restaurants out. The weather is warm, the people are out and Philly is finally starting to grow on me more. Life is Good.

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Mamma said...

Big Kev here...I enjoyed the culinary and ethnic experience of your Philly neighborhood. Next time I will bring Widdy Ha Ha and get Scott to go to the museums! Thanks for putting up with me!