Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I took a moment of my day today to scour the web and read some blogs i haven't read in a long time. Well, it appears that there is a massive trend of "what i wore" posts going on. I should do this. I should join in on this craze! Why? Because what I wear is honestly awesome and half the time when I finally look in a mirror at around noon for my pee break, even I am astonished. I put together some WHACK outfits for work. Why? Because I don't really care. Yes, I realize I live in one of the worlds more fashionable cities, but, lets face it... in NYC you can say anything you wear is a trend. I could dress like a thrift store hippy and be "in". I could dress like a librarian and it would be "ironic in". Carrie Bradshaw or Queen Latifah, nothing is "out" here.

Today I showed up for work with four different color blacks on and the buttons to my cardigan mis-matched. I was totally going for a effortless business woman look. Yeah right... I was going for a "i have 2 more min to sit and watch the Today show before I have to run to the subway. this works".

Perhaps I should pay attention more to my work outfits. But, a segment of my blog being dedicated to "what I wore" will not happen anytime soon. Maybe I'll go shopping this weekend? 50/50 chance of that happening. Too much to see and do.

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