Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I will admit when I am wrong.

I learned a lesson.

a pretty big one and one that I feel like a moron for having to learn, but, I learned it. It was such a juvenile lesson to learn too. One that I even feel that I've learned before. I learned to research a cause before jumping on a bandwagon. Oh, I jumped. I jumped, landed and took off running thinking that this KONY2012 was a legit non-profit helping the children of Africa. Instead, I learned exactly what Tom wrote below... they are a business.

Read: http://visiblechildren.tumblr.com/

I do appreciate the awareness they brought about the war in Africa. I appreciate how they got the world to listen and to WANT to take action. What I don't appreciate is that they also TOOK our money that they plan to really do no action with. I feel like I stuffed that man's pockets full of money. That is disheartening. I feel taken advantage of and I apologize to those that saw the video and also gave them money.  They pulled our heartstrings and made us feel like we could make a difference. Good job in that, IC. You're terrific film makers and money takers.

legit charities highly rated on Charity Navigator:



Scottie said...

me too! Damn this sucks

natalie said...

Did you read their response?

I'm conflicted. Their breakdown appears legit. I understand that not all non profits have to donate 100% of their donations to their cause - after all, it takes money to raise awareness, etc...

I've read so much on both sides...still conflicted, just wondered if you read their official "rebuttal."


Care said...

I hadn't read their response. Thanks for linking to it.

like i said, I do appreciate their mission and their cause... but, it is a business, not a nonprofit. What im most upset about is that only 10% of what I bought in this "kit" was going back to the cause. That angers me.

natalie said...

Yeah, I can see that. When you break down the cost of the kit and compare it to where their money goes, you're right. It's definitely a gray area between business/non profit because they appear to be aligned with a good cause, but are almost a business in non profit clothing. Sigh. At least awareness was brought by all of this!