Friday, March 23, 2012

Random Thoughts By Carrie

1. I'm REALLY excited to see Hungar Games. Like, REALLLLLLLLLLY excited. Good thing I have tickets for SUNDAY! WEEEEEEEEE!

2. Summer is going to be really really hot this year.

3. In DC I felt normal sized. In LA I felt tall but in NYC I feel so damn short! I was standing next to a dude today on the subway and his head was literally less than one inch from the top of the train. This isn't a one time occurrence though. I see tall people... EVERYWHERE!

4. I can't wait for weekends at my parents lake house to begin. It's perfect down there.

5. Am very much over the Zooey Dachenel look. If you're not Zooey Deschanel... don't wear it. You look like a moron.

6. Here's a picture of me 5 years ago this same weekend driving to my college roommates wedding in Palm Springs, CA with crazy Amy. What was supposed to be a 4 day trip, turned into a 2 week crazy train to Palm Spring, LA, Coachella Valley, Temecula, Rosarita Mexico and San Diego.Not sure how i kept my job.
7. I hope everyone has an awesome weekend and in the excitement of Hunger Games... LET THE GAMES BEGIN!

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