Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Beautiful NYC Day

I had a great morning today just walking around NYC.

I took the L to the F and then walked down 5th Ave to try to find an outfit for Thanksgiving. We are headed to San Francisco tomorrow for the holiday -- can't wait!

Not sure I scored on the outfit, but, it was such a stunning day out, I was happy to enjoy the sites. I even had my loveboat (yes, that's what I call him) surprise me walking around. I love seeing him, so I was happy to walk around a bit with him. The Christmas decorations are being set up in NYC, I will photograph them next week to show you. But, for now, here are some pics from my afternoon stroll.

Not sure how I left this little crazy eyed psycho.

last few days of fall here in Brooklyn

subway collection

shoe stylin'. If you want rad shoes, come visit me... I'll take you to some SWEET spots

subway'ing on off hours is kinda relaxing. Check out that empty staircase... I took my time and wasn't rushed, it was lovely.

random brooklyn house up the street. Ive seen a lot of bands take photos in front of this.

Its officially the holidays. Chestnuts were roasting on 5th Ave.
I rushed home to see this little monster who REFUSED to walk. 

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Coco Draws said...

Love your photos. :)