Tuesday, November 13, 2012


I LOOOOOOVE wearing hats... it is my most favorite part of fall and winter. I have an entire basket full of them and even huzbo loves wearing a beanie from time to time. Although, I tend to get mad when he borrows mine because he stretches them out!

Here are some of my favorites from my basket

Here are some of the ones that I LOVE from the internet not yet in my basket:

See any out there that I missed or need?


Natalie said...

So soft and pretty!

Care said...

Natalie!!! Good find!! :)

The Sohm's said...

Maybe you should put a picture of you wearing the hats:) I would love to see Scott in the pink stripped one!! Ha HA

Meredith said...

Care - check out Krochet Kids International. They've got some great hats! Their motto: buy a hat, change a life.

"Headwear and other fashion accessories made by women in Northern Uganda & Peru! Each product is hand-signed by the lady who made it."


Alexa said...

I found one!


You're welcome! :-)