Tuesday, November 27, 2012

One Month

Today was a hard one. Today our little girl would have 1 month old and it was rainy and nasty out. It should have been a lot harder, but, I met a friend for a wonderful lunch and spoke with her about our story. It was the first time I've talked out loud and I think I did pretty well. I will say its gotten a bit easier, or maybe its that more time has passed so I'm healing. I miss her, but, I'm moving into a more positive mind-set. I still ask "why" over and over in my head... but, I'm accepting and looking forward to the future. She'll never be replaced, only loved and will have siblings who can celebrate her too!

We have received so many lovely cards and some friends have sent me photos of us to lift spirits and I have to admit, it helps. Family and friends are really the only things that can get you through hard times... cherish these relationships.

I don't plan on speaking about this on our blog anymore. I wanted to mention this milestone so she had one. I'm proud of her no matter what and I'm proud of Scottie and I for being one hell of a strong loving couple. We love our friends and family so much... this holiday season will be enjoyed so much! 

and I'm thankful for this ridiculous face. I mean, how can you not just LAUGH at this guy?