Wednesday, July 24, 2013


I don't know about you, but, staying on track with working out is tough. I love to run outside, but, with this crazy heat and humidity in the city, its been tough to wake up at 5am to go out there and bang out some miles safely. I use the treadmill in our building gym, but, its just not the same. I find it much easier to stop on a treadmill, strangely.

So, with that said... I'm starting again. I'm starting my goal of doing 15+ miles a week. I used to do this with no problem, but, life gets in the way and I sleep longer or work later and welp, working out gets set to the side. NO MORE! I need to get used to my morning view (picture below) when it rains or make myself get to the track when the weather is tolerable.

I eat well, now I just need to treat my body better!

(this post is meant for me to read over and over and over again so I'll DO IT!)

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