Monday, July 22, 2013

Weekend WrapUp

Ive been keeping my phone in my pocket a lot on the weekends and while it doesn't lead to a great Weekend WrapUp - it does make me enjoy my weekend with zero distractions! With that said, we had our friend Tom come up (again) so we did some exploring and tried to escape the disgusting humidity by heading to the beach or in air conditioning. All in all, it was once again, a success.

We started our weekend by heading to Fatty Cue's in South Williamsburg. The food was good. The ambiance was really fun, but, they RUSHED you out of there with lightening speed. I could understand if there was a line out the door, but, the restaurant wasn't even half way full. We ordered 3 small plates, two veggies and two meats -- and were still out of there in one. hour. Too fast. THAT and the check wasn't cheap. In my opinion, if I'm going to go out to dinner and drop a pretty penny - give me time to chat with friends and enjoy my time. No, I'm not done with that plate yet!


New artwork in the hood - Tommy and I had to partake in a photo shoot

Walking down under the bridge in sweltering heat. However, I just love the Williamsburg bridge and took in the beautiful sunset.
To get out of the city, we took an hour drive to Jones Beach to see the atlantic and give my awesome panther towel a chance to see the sun. (That's my sis by the way, isn't she the prettiest?)

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