Tuesday, July 16, 2013

My Life In Pictures

In this day in age we love to take pictures, but, for the most part, they stay on some sort of website never to be enjoyed by yourself or friends, unless they're stalking you on facebook (which I'm not on). I'm happy that I have made these books of the years photos since 2008. I put all the photos I have taken that year (I upload them every few months) and dump them into a picture storing site (I use snapfish.com, but, you can use any of them) and then make a book of your years events! We have some for trips we've taken, but, for the most part its a month by month photo journal of things we've done. I put them on a coffee table when we have guests over and its fun for them to find themselves in our books from time to time. My grandmother loves them since "looking at the computer hurts her eyes". Also, I want to be able to show our future children that Mom and Dad were WAAAAAAY cooler than them when they are complaining and whining in their teenage years. :)

Do you make picture books?

Yep, that's me and friends doing aerobics with Richard Simmons

Of course Mack likes to bite look at the books too.

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