Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I went to see Ed Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros last night at 930 club in DC. Ive seen them before in LA and while both venues were great, the audience was vastly different. The DC crowd jumped, danced and sang all the songs and enjoyed every part of the hippy pow wow in front of them. I danced, jumped and sang and did the fastest clap my two hands have ever experienced. To say I enjoyed myself would be an understatement. This band just knows how to deliver, and deliver well. Ed Sharpe puts together in a nice blender two genres, folk and pop and makes it deliciously unique and craving more.
Ed Sharpe came out in his Jesus like robes and bare feet, Jade came running in an hour late, and all the other 10 members casually played their instruments like they were toys. The talents in this band are immense... I mean, they had a sitar player at one point and slide guitarist, LOVE! The encore came with two new songs which was ballsy for a band. Ed walked into the crowd and asked everyone to sit down -- and, everyone did -- the powers of a musician. He sang the song, "brother" and all was quiet. What a spectacular show and what a way to go home happy and satisfied on a Tuesday evening. I was so happy I didn't even care that I lost gangsta gold (my point and shoot camera). Ok, I care a little.

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pev said...

oh nooooo...what happened to gangsta goldddddd. you need to find!!!