Wednesday, July 7, 2010

save the dates

I have to start looking to do SAVE THE DATES and frankly, i don't love the traditional ones that people send out. Scottie and I aren't the type of couple that sits under trees with matching white shirts and are barefoot staring into the sunset. I have a few kooky ideas here and there but wanted to know if anyone had seen any really RAD ones.

as of now, this is what im going to send out via text...

just kidding. but, that's pretty awesome.

random thought that's been buggin me. When I read about Save The Dates a lot of the time they acronym it to STD's. I think that is completely ridiculous and hilarious. I do not think of wedding happiness when i hear the three letters STD's put together. We gotta change that.

happy hump day... pun intended.


Mamma said...

Too funny....still laughing!!!!

Ash said...

Custom T-shirt save the dates would be cool..kinda pricey or koozies? They would be cheap to mail out. Or say it with food, a custom cookie?? ETSY has some really cool paper STD'S(ha). I am sure you will think of something RAD!

Care said...

hahaha, yes, I will think of something rad, Ash. :)