Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Beautiful Beaches! Warwick

Cave Swimming at Tom Moore's Jungle. We were the ONLY people there. I shouldn't watch so many horror movies

After dinner on the beach. Amazing time with my amazing husband

I miss the black rocks, blue ocean, colorful fish and my time in Bermuda. Beautiful island

The Reefs Hotel
We had such a great time in Bermuda. Im pretty sure we did everything there is to do on the little island so I'll leave it to you to explore when you get there one day. The Bermudian people are lovely, the island is breathtaking and Scottie and I look forward to celebrating an anniversary there in the upcoming years. Our honeymoon will be one huge smiling memory for me forever.


margarin said...

Hi, these pics look awesome! I'm going there this weekend, and was wondering where in Tom Moore's Jungle you found the cave to swim in? We'd love to do that on our trip!

Care said...

ok, its hard to find. but, go to the Tom Moores Tavern road and when you see a sign that says, Bermuda National Park or just a random dirt path in a bunch of trees... that's Tom Moore's jungle. If you take a cab, they might know where it is. BUT, we got lost on our motor scooter for a good hour before we asked someone. Now, as for the hike... you're going to hike STRAIGHT for quite a while. You'll go around a rock and a field and you'll think you are completely going the wrong direction but you're not. You'll eventually see it right in front of you. It's AWESOME! Here is my freinds blog too, so went there as well.

Go to Swizzle Inn as well and order that SWIZZLE! I became obsessed with them. Have a great time!