Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tunes for Thursday

Thanks to Leslie you now have something to look forward to after the Wednesday Jumble! Yes, I know you all are so freakin excited and this is breaking news (my sarcasm is grossing me out, sorry) BUT... TUNES FOR THURSDAY! I will feature what I'm currently listening to, so, well, you can too. I know how long these days are at work. Slap on your headphones and listen to these guys,

Foster the People

What's the best thing about Foster the People? I really like their album even though there is nothing that exciting about the band that we haven't heard really before. They have a passion pit sound. they have catchy sounds but MOSTLY they have reallllllllly infectious chorus's and I find myself singing them throughout the day and literally have no clue what I'm singing or if I even have the words correct. THAT's a good album. In my opinion. They are great for a summer tunes list for your backyard bbq and dancing after a few beers. Second best thing about Foster the People? They're hot.

Pumped Up Kids:

I'm seeing them on Tuesday, look for video of the show on Wednesday. :)


Leslie said...

Thanks! This is great!

Care said...

Thanks, Leslie! :)

Brooke said...

i LOVE this song! my friend introduced this version to me!

pev said...

i think you should make it tunes for tuesday.