Thursday, June 9, 2011

Johnny Brenda's

What do you do when you get back from a super amazing honeymoon? Relax? 
No... we go see three shows up the street at Johnny Brenda's.
Meet the "now official" Kirby's. 
We do all. 

First up was Writer. Found out they were brothers from San Diego after almost swearing they were either a Philly band or had some sort of southern roots as they guitar pick and have some bluesy feel to them but for the most part they are indie rock laced with a bit of emo. Ya know, the yoosh these days. However, they are really fun to watch. The lead singer has a GREAT voice that can almost be compared if I may say to Michael Stipe of REM. Don't hurt me, but, my ears heard it... it was GOOD! Best song, Miss Mermaid

Next up, Guards. Now, if I could rename this band it would be "We Don't Like You Unless You Have Long Black Hair". But, that is a shitty band name, so I guess I'll let them stick with Guards. What to say about them... I was spektical at first because they put crows on their set... little dramatic but, hey give em a chance. So I did and I was happy I did! They have a great low key sound that has a 60's feel and is very hooky. I believe the girl was sitting too far behind the mic as you couldn't hear her at all during the show but listening to her now, she sounds great on their EP. (TURN UP HER MIC). Sail it Slow and don't wake the dead might be my favorite on their set.  sinister sound and anthem chorus as well? SOLD.

Next up, Cults. Check out my BlipSnip of them here. Isn't she the cutest? This is my second time seeing Cults and they don't disappoint. Its great summertime I just wanna be happy music. There isn't much more I can write that every other music medium hasn't said but, check out their CD, go see their show. If you need a practical reason to... all of the bands above sets are no longer than 35 min and each one will leave you wanting MORE but you can't get more... yet.

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