Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tunes For Thursday

short and sweet.

Never liked them before, but, the newest CD from My Morning Jacket is pretty awesome.

One more day til the weekend!

I'm in Jersey at a Starbucks because the internet seems to be out all over Philly. I have seen an amazing array of people around here, including my old photography teacher at South Carolina. I'm about 99% sure it was him. Ive seen some jersey girls -- you know the kind. Pregnant woman teaching her kid how to read, a man with no shoes on. Another man who who is wearing gym shorts with dress shoes. A woman with white pants on with purple polka dot underwear and my favorite, the man sitting next to me singing audibly, "hit the road, jack". The 60's soundtrack seems to be a hit this afternoon. My day's pretty exciting, as you can tell. :)

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