Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wednesday Jumble

beautiful Indian Door

hahaha, so Paula Dean

Lake Como, Italy. Don't you feel like you could just beathe and feel clean?

i want a pair of lace shorts
4th of July inspiration
congrats, NY!
someone PLEASE let me know if this works!

strawberry, angel food cake and chocolate syrup! omg, i want right now.


Mamma said...


Loved your lake Como, Italy picture. Do you know where that is? Could it be a town called Bellagio? Did you know that's where Kev, Lis and I will be this September? I can't wait.....Join us if you can!!!!!

Care said...

Hi Linda!

Pretty sure that's George Clooney's house. And since I'm married now, I think I'm off the list of potential new girlfriends to keep him off the gaydar for a bit more. :)