Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Carrie's Canteen

What's on the menu this week at my house?

Monday - we had baked "fried" chicken (I'll post this recipe this month - so good, so easy, so much less fat than traditional fried chicken.)
Tuesday - crock pot enchiladas
Wednesday - left over enchilada chicken baked in a casserole dish with rice, beans, tostidos, tomatoes, onions and lettuce
Thursday - Skirt steak with roasted peppers

Speaking of what to make for dinner... I wanted to point out a friends blog cutely named, Keys to the Cucina. She has some really yummy recipes and then pairs a song to listen to while cooking! Just LOVE that idea.  As a food and music lover, this blog is now one of my favorites. She is also a very talented musician herself and you can listen to her music on the link labeled "hear me". I personally like If Only I Knew.

you can click the pic to go to her blog. Isn't she just the cutest?

I wish Alexe all the best with her wonderful new blog and hope you too now enjoy following. I'm TOTALLY making that pumpkin risotto next week!

**Alexe did not ask me to post this on my blog. I am doing this on my own because I genuinely like her blog and think she is a very talented, beautiful and creative young woman who deserves success and support.

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