Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Wednesday Wants - Gold Rings

I love gold. Every piece of jewelry I wear is gold -- aside from my silver wedding band. I just love the color, I love the look and it matches my pasty skin and blond hair. I also love how it can look dainty and classy, as well as totally gangsta, depending on the piece. Gold just gets me.

In honor of gold, here are my fave gold rings of the moment:

1. Catbird - Adjustable Arrow Right
2. VeraMeat - French Kiss
3. Ottoman Hands - Roman Coin and Turquoise Ring
4. Miss Ellie Rings - R175
5. House of Harlow 1960 - Keyboard Wrap Ring
6. Melinda Maria - Gwyneth 2R Ring Gold Turquoise
7. Gorjana Griffin - Kensington Ring
8.  Shop Bop - Yiizh Spiral Twist Ring
9. Club Monaco - Monique Stacking Ring
10. Marc by Marc Jacobs - Modern Ring

Am I missing any that I NEEEEEEEEEED to see!?

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