Monday, October 7, 2013

No Sleepyheads here - Eyes were like Candles!

After living in LA, DC, Philly and NYC we were very used to seeing some amazing shows and have had some incredible opportunities to see some of our absolute favorites at super small venues. So, to say we are a bit jaded of big acts is an understatement. That's why when we saw that Passion Pit - one of our most favorite bands - was playing in our little town, we were floored and bought tickets immediately!!

We showed up at a warehouse type deal at the edge of town and the energy was so fun to be apart of. The sold out show had everyone SO excited that Passion Pit was actually playing in Winston-Salem. I mean, I think I heard that said at least 50 times before they came on stage! Most people here have to drive an hour and a half to Charlotte or Raleigh to see a big show, so having to drive or walk 10 minutes was a huge deal to many. Passion Pit put on an awesome show and it was so refreshing to see people genuinely happy, dancing and thankful for a band to be here. I loved it and loved watching the crowd have an unforgettable night.

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