Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Weekend WrapUp

Hi! This weekend will go down in the books as EPIC! I had such an amazing time, I can barely stop smiling today. What happened? Well, I'll tell you. We got tickets to Arcade Fire's CD release party in Bushwick (a neighborhood of Brookly, NY)!!  so we drove to DC on Friday night, dropped our dog off at my parents and took a 6am flight up to NYC Saturday morning. We watched football and drank some beers with my sister at Village Pour House and then hit up the show at 299 Meserole for probably the best costume party in my life! In order to enter you had to either be dressed in formal wear or costume. Because of the album's name, "Reflecktors" I wore a broken glass masquerade mask and Scottie wore a silver creep mask while wearing all black. We did well.

The Reflecktors, "formally known as Arcade Fire" (according to them) debuted their new CD and wow, you're going to love it. I'll leave it there for you all to enjoy and I'll put out my fave song in a Friday Tunes in two weeks. They sound incredible and after their set James Murphy DJ'd and Win Butler came out and danced with everyone. Like I said, epic!

After Saturdays mind blowing time, we did brunch on Sunday and saw some friends in Brooklyn that evening and laughed the night away. The 6am train to DC on Monday morning was awful but, looking back on our very last minute crazy weekend... it was ALL worth it!

Arcade Fire playing on a stage that looked like my senior prom

Sorry for the quality of pictures, last thing on our minds were taking pics. Our costumes.

I have missed you, NYC!

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