Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Wednesday Wants - Hotels

I love to travel, but in the last few years I really haven't much because, well, WE MOVE SO MUCH!

I put a list together of hotels that Ive had my eye on for a while or even for a short time, that I would love to visit one day. The hotels below are also long shots in regards to prices per night, so it would have to be a really, really special occasion.

Sometimes I like to "window travel" and pretend-book amazing vacations and then never pull the trigger. I put all the information I find in a word document and save, in the hopes we go one day. The world is large, I have time and I WILL explore!

1. **Charleston, SC  - Market Pavilion
2. Telluride, CO - Hotel Telluride
3. Canyon Point, Utah - Amangiri 
4. Portland, OR - The Nines
5. Napa, CA - Auberge de Soleil
6. St. Michaels - Inn at Perry Cabins
7. Savannah, Georgia - Foley House
8. *Brooklyn, NY - Wythe Hotel
9. *Seville, Spain Hotel Alfonso
10. North Carolina - My house. :) I'll post pics next week -- I'm finally finishing it up. :)

*means that I have been before
**means that I actually have it booked for this year! 

Any hotels that you absolutely love that I should know about? Let me know!


Meaux said...

Thanks for this list! I needed ones for Napa and Portland.

I would add the Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo, CA.

Meredith said...

I'm going to St. Michael's next weekend. :)I was there when they were filming Wedding Crashers! Love that town!

Care said...

YES! I have wanted to check out Madonna Inn badly! Thank you for the reminder, Maureen!

Mere, have an awesome time and I hopefully will see you soon! :)