Friday, March 25, 2011

Thank you, Carly for my new little friends. :) They put a smile on my face and are so adorable and DELICIOUS! 
I ate the elephant first and Scottie had the tiger. 

The card that was in these little treats said that these are my new friends to talk to because I work from home. Does anyone else out there work from home? I don't love it. Moving to a new city and working from home might be the worst! You feel so disconnected, you're alone all day and you just don't get to talk to anyone besides people on the phone that you deal with for your job. I'm getting more and more used to it, however. There are SOME benefits such as you don't have to get dressed for work. 
You can wake up at 8:59 and be working at 9:00am.
I'm just a social bee and love being around people so its certainly been an adjustment. I find myself walking outside and saying "hi" to everyone in an excited voice like a psycho since I'm having some face to face interaction. 
Yes, I know I'm weird.

Its FRIDAY! I'm heading south tonight and am excited to see friends and family! :)

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