Friday, March 4, 2011


Day 15: I'm thankful that my bridesmaids decided to finally get the 2nd dress we had to order for the wedding. They missed the deadline for the cheaper one. HAHAHAHA! I should have gone bridezilla on their a$$es. Instead I just laughed.

Day 16: I'm thankful for post it notes because I use them for everything.

Day 17: I'm thankful for art and music because I love how both of them make me feel.

Happy Friday, WORLD!


Mamma said...

So happy you and Jill found something! Maybe you guys will look for your mom this weekend...wish Lis was around for me.
Have a great time with everyone. Hello to Scotty too:)

pev said...

HAHA! I am thankful we got the dresses too ;)