Friday, March 18, 2011

Open Letter To Philadelphia, 

Why is there trash everywhere? You have beautiful landscapes and amazing buildings and architecture so why litter it so badly with enormous amounts of trash on every corner? I live in Northern Liberties and there aren't even trash cans outside. I realize there are budget issues and things such as that, but I would think that city beautification would be important and not to mention healthier. I see people throw large amounts of trash outside their car window. I see people just put trash outside on the corner and its stays there for weeks. 


Frankly, its disgusting. I just moved here and am just shocked about how normal this is for you. Trash just blowing in the wind may have been "beautiful" for that kid on American Beauty but not so much when its blowing in your face daily. 

Love, Me.

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Mamma said...

I see a new campain coming.......:) I'm in agreement. Are there any fines if people get caught throwing trash around? That would be a start for the local government!!!!